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Hong Kong MX Assorted Petite Eggrolls (36pcs)美心精緻精選蛋卷 (36件裝)

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Product Description

美心精緻精選蛋卷 (36件裝)

MX Assorted Petite Eggrolls Gift Box (36pcs)

Inclusion :

  • 精緻原味雞蛋卷 Petite Original Eggrolls (9pcs)
  • 精緻椰香蛋卷 Petite Coconut Eggrolls (9pcs)
  • 精緻朱古力蛋卷 Petite Chocolate Eggrolls (9pcs)
  • 精緻抹茶蛋卷 Petite Matcha Eggrolls (9pcs)

The Assorted box contains Coconut, Chocolate,
Matcha, as well as our Original flavors. With 
independent packaging of 9 pieces for each flavor,
sharing has never been easier, so make sure you invite 
some friends over! 

*All products are no preservatives added and made with butter, no margarine and shortening.