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Hong Kong MX Assorted Eggrolls Trio (15pcs) 美心原味雞i蛋卷 (15件裝)

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Product Description

"美心原味雞i蛋卷 (36件裝) Assorted Eggrolls Trio (15pcs)

MX Assorted Eggrolls Trio (16pcs)

Inclusion :

精緻原味雞蛋卷 Petite Original Eggrolls (5pcs)

精緻朱古力蛋卷 Petite Chocolate Eggrolls (5pcs)

精緻草莓蛋卷 Petite Strawberry Eggrolls (5pcs)

The Assorted box contains Chocolate,

Strawberry, as well as our Original flavors. With

independent packaging of 5 pieces for each flavor,

 sharing has never been easier, so make sure you invite

some friends over!

*All products are no preservatives added and made with butter, no margarine and shortening."