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2022 Hong Kong MX Petite Joyful Gift Set 25pcs

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Product Description

MX Petite Joyful Gift Set (25pcs)

Signature HKMX’s bakery assorted products in one giftbox. Best choice as gift all year round

All products are made with butter, no margarine nor shortening

No preservatives, antioxidants, flavorings and colorings added

Petite Original Eggroll (12 pcs)

This classic treat uses only five ingredients - French butter, fresh eggs, quality flour, sugar, and water. Enjoy the buttery aroma and eggy flavor for some pure delight.

Butter Cookie (13 pcs)

A classic treat created with supreme craftsmanship with French butter and fresh eggs for an unrivaled experience.

Individually packed, 36 pcs/box, weighs approximately 200.4g/box

Made in Hong Kong