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2022 Hong Kong MX Hearty Butter Pastry (Original) 6pcs 美心甜心酥 (原味) (Expiration date : April 25,2023)

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Product Description

甜心酥 (原味) Hearty Butter Pastry (Original) (6pcs)

Hong Kong Mx Hearty is our version of French Christmas Palmier Biscuits, 

we call our Puff Pastry “Hearty” as it resembles the shape of a heart. 

A perfect palmier is crisp, sweet, and crunchy. Our Hearty Pastries are crafted 

using high-quality butter and a unique double baking technique, 

our Hearty Butter Pastries comes with an exquisite caramel crust that's nice and crispy.

Pastries available in Snack Packs ideal  For your colleague, for kids or for personal 


*All products are no preservatives added and made with butter, no margarine and shortening.